As practice area specialists, we dedicate our time to building long-term relationships with the individuals in our respective networks. Instead of dividing our business into either private practice, or in house, we choose to segment the market by practice area. This allows us not only to appreciate the world that our candidates and clients practice in, but - from a practical perspective - we are also able to work with our candidates through the lifespan of their careers by being able to offer them positions in either private practice or in-house.

Whilst we headhunt lawyers for particular search assignments, we often find that getting to know the individuals in our practice areas well ahead of any move, means that we can more effectively tailor a headhunt process for both our candidates and our clients. Rather than assume that an opportunity will be of interest, we take the time to get to know our potential candidates - often before any mandate is even contemplated - to understand their particular workload and client base; ways of working; aspirations for the future; and what may be interesting to them, should it present itself.

We are highly experienced in managing the recruitment processes of all levels and roles of lawyers – from partners, associates & teams in private practice; to general counsel and legal counsel in-house. We are there to assist our candidates throughout every step of the process; from CV drafting, through to interview preparation, the offer process and resignation management. We understand how important our candidates' careers are, and work diligently to ensure that our candidates are well briefed at every stage of the recruitment process.

If you would like to discuss your career, please contact us on:

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"In my experience, the trust and confidence fostered by Kate's personal and considered approach help make the recruitment process smoother and ultimately more likely to have a successful outcome."

~ Partner & Head of Investment Funds Team, US Law Firm (Client & Candidate)

Candidate testimonials

"From a candidate's perspective, Kate is a refreshing change due to her approach and utmost dedication to any hire process. Kate really does her homework on candidates (mostly significantly in advance of any formal recruitment process) and builds a network of rated candidates (with third party validation) at all levels in anticipation of recruitment mandates. Her approach for senior hires means she is able to field a shortlist of well suited candidates for specific roles, as opposed to a volume approach or the approach you commonly see of trying to fit a candidate for the wrong job or vice versa. She is able to leverage her contacts at all levels to identify new candidates based on personal recommendation. She is equally receptive to candidates new to her, but does the same level of homework on them before putting them forward to clients.

I worked with Kate over a long-time period knowing that she would suggest a role which would be suitable for me at the right time in my career as well as a role I would enjoy and fit into. Kate gave constructive feedback along the way on what skills I needed to develop for the type of role I wanted. She was also able to advise on whether the timing was quite right for the role I wanted to transition to.

Kate invests considerable time in this 'extended relationship' and keeps up to date with your career and aspirations so as to better serve her clients when suggesting suitable candidates for roles. It is the pre-vetting and preparatory work which really served both me and potential employers well. It enhanced the recruitment process for all concerned by being quality driven. Most importantly Kate does not waste anyone's time as a result and you always know where you stand both as a client and candidate. In the two interview processes I went through with Kate, I benefitted from targeted feedback and coaching points to improve how I came across at the next stage. Kate's knowledge of me, my career history and experience meant she was able to do this effectively and say 'look I know you have done this, so it is easy for you to demonstrate it more clearly or perhaps in a different way'. This benefitted me and enabled me to show my full potential to interviewers. I have learnt that this also meant that potential employers were able to get a better feel for me as a candidate and my strengths which sometimes can be naturally left undiscovered by any interview process.

It is because of Kate's proactive and disciplined approach to candidates, and her really seeking to understand both sides' requirements, that in my view she gets the most interesting senior roles for candidates in this sector and adds real value to both a company's and a candidate's recruitment process."

General Counsel, Private Equity Fund (Candidate)

"Working with Kate was fantastic. Right from the start it was clear that she had a very broad and detailed knowledge of the market as well as having the personal contacts to enable her to make introductions at both a junior and senior level.

What particularly impressed me was that she took the time at the start to listen and understand exactly what type of role I was looking for and then put together a comprehensive strategy as to how to obtain it. Kate's focused and tailored approach was extremely appreciated and enabled me to obtain a position at my first choice firm.

On a personal level, Kate was great fun to work with and I would highly recommend her to anyone that is looking to switch jobs or gain a better understanding of the legal market."

Associate, US Law Firm (Candidate)

"I have worked with Kate as both a client and a partner-level candidate over several years. Her knowledge of the funds practices and in-house funds teams in London is second to none.

Kate's understanding of the nuances of the funds universe and the personalities, practices and ambitions of the individuals within this market has been invaluable, ensuring that each candidate she has introduced has been of exceptional quality and suitability.

In my experience, the trust and confidence fostered by Kate's personal and considered approach help make the recruitment process smoother and ultimately more likely to have a successful outcome."

Partner & Head of Investment Funds Team, US Law Firm (Client & Candidate)

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